Take advantage of Google AdSense [Detail ]

If you want to work on the Internet in 2023, you will find many diverse and different areas, including what requires investment and what is easy and free, but the profit of Google AdSense is the best and simplest currently, in particular, you are dealing with a reliable company, which is Google and the most important that the withdrawal of your money is easy in various countries, in particular, that AdSense withdrawals are usually made by Western Union transfer or direct bank transfer, that is, you will rest from all the problems of PayPal and bank cards.

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What is Google AdSense And how can I take advantage of it?

You must understand my friend that # AdSense is an advertising company that follows Google, its goal is to pay money for adding ads to its site and also to simplify the publisher’s work by displaying many statistics that help it improve its profits .

Quite simply, a Google Ads company allows site owners who are looking to increase the number of visitors or the popularity of their sites to advertise. Google AdSense takes the creation of advertising codes belonging to these companies and gives them to publishers to publish on their sites, that is, Google functions as an intermediary between the advertiser who wants to get visitors and subscribers and sales, and the publisher of course who will earn money in exchange for the dissemination of these ads on his site. Of course, don’t imagine that Google Ads will display any ad on any site, but use a very smart system to include ads that match the content and quality of the site.

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What do I need to get a Google AdSense account

1# Create a website or a blog
To start earning from Google Adsense, you need my friend to have a blog or a website to request revenue activation and the possibility of obtaining advertising codes because later you will paste them on your site.

What platform do I need to create a website or a blog
There are many platforms that allow you to blog for free or in a paid way and the most popular platforms used in the world are the Blogger platform and the WordPress platform as shown in the photo.

annonces google.

Create a blog on the blogger platform
If you are a beginner in the field and you do not have start-up capital and you want to take advantage of Google AdSense 2023 I recommend you directly to work on the Blogger platform because it is free and it supports any number of visitors because the hosting is affiliated with Google.

The most important advantage in my opinion is that subscribing to the platform is very simple because having a Gmail account automatically gives you the opportunity to create a blog on the blogger, and above all, it is easy to control and manage for beginners.

Blogger templates are widespread on the web and most of them are free, so you can easily search for the template that matches the domain of your site.

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Create a WordPress blog
If you want professional blogging and to create a successful and fast-spreading blog, especially search engine friendly sites, you must on the WordPress platform because it is the best honesty and as shown in the previous image the most used for all bloggers in the world.

To get a WordPress blog, you need to buy paid and powerful hosting to install the WordPress script on it.

There are many excellent hosts and I personally recommend HostGator Because it is the best in terms of price and it supports a large number of visitors and there are almost no problems.

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What distinguishes the WordPress platform from the blogger is that it is, as I said before, a friend of search engines, especially Google because of its SEO add-on features That will help you write content at the top of search engines and, above all, to archive quickly.

2# start blogging and writing high-quality exclusive articles
If you want to make money with Google Adsense, you should have a good website and a successful blog by writing exclusive articles (you should always write new articles and avoid copying).

Here are the most important steps that my friend advised you to write great articles that Google loves

Create an attractive title for the article
Writing a good and attractive title is one of the most important reasons for the success of the article and brings the reader, so I recommend that you think carefully and choose the title of the article intelligently because it is the main reason that makes the visitor prefer to enter the topic you have written compared to the rest of the results in the search engine.

The title should be easy and clear what my friend advised you to do is to put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and guess if you will like this title and push you to enter the article or not.

Do not write a title different from the content of the article only to attract visitors, because this will make the visitor stand out immediately after entering, which is a bad signal for Google that the content of the article is bad and also that you have lost the trust of this visit he will no longer enter your site even if you have written thousands of excellent topics later.

Use attention-grabbing words such as secrets, what I’m hiding from you, smart way, facts, complete guide and I also recommend that you use lists such as this topic in which I mentioned the best ways to enjoy, which is titled

Take care of the format of the article content
Dividing the article you are writing is very important, especially focusing on the introduction because it will encourage the reader to continue and read to the end and can go to your other articles, especially if they like the content you provide.

I also advise you to pay attention to the use of keywords that the visitor is looking for in the title of the article and when writing the article, this will help you provide content to the search engine, which will later help to get you high-quality free traffic and thus increase your profits later from Google AdSense.

Add visual content to the article
The addition of visual content such as YouTube videos or infographics greatly contributes to improving the quality of the article only the latest statistics indicate that articles that include visual content, especially infographics, are the articles that get the highest number of publications on social networking sites and the greatest visitor stay.

3# paid domain and SSL activation function
Having a paid domain is very important to get a Google AdSense account because it will help increase your credibility in front of Google and in front of your blog subscribers having a free domain is an implicit signal that you may be a spammer or provide poor quality content, which will not help you at first.

In the year 2019 The use of SSL security certificates is a must, so if you use the blogger blogging platform, you can activate this certificate for free in a few seconds, as shown in the image .


If you blog on the WordPress platform, many web hosts now allow you to obtain the security certificate for free, in particular HostGator, which we mentioned earlier.

4# bring visitors to your blog
The biggest mistake of most of those who apply for an AdSense account and are rejected by Google is that he performs all the previous steps of creating a blog and writing articles and forgets to bring visitors to his blog!

The easiest way to attract visitors is SEO or the search engine, but it takes a long time to get to the top and get Google’s trust, so the fastest way to increase the number of visitors is to use social networking sites, especially Facebook.

You can publish the links of your articles in groups with a large number of members engaged and interested in the same content as your publications.

How to register for Google AdSense
Registering for AdSense via blogger is very simple, just go to the profits box and then click on the AdSense profit icon

Whether you are using the WordPress platform or any other platform to register a new account, you must access the Google AdSense link and register and add the real and correct information.

How to take advantage of the Internet of a monthly salary from Google AdSense.
After creating a regular Google AdSense account, you can now my friend as I said to earn more than 1000 dollars Monthly and can even get a monthly income exceeding 2000 Dollars from Google AdSense.

Personally, I was able to achieve these profits and more by creating real viral articles and bringing visitors, where I gave a complete course through Udemy explaining the concept of this strategy and how it can only pay 20 dollars In Facebook ads bring you more than 2000 dollars.

Take advantage of AdSense

If you are interested in getting a profit course from AdSense and viral and earning more than 1000 D Monthly, you can get it for free for a limited time for the first 1000 D Someone via the viral profit tutorial link.

In the end, I want to say that this article is not only an account of my wonderful experience with profit from Google AdSense but a complete guide for anyone who wants to get started in the field of blogging and start making their first profits.

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